Founder to perform Chopin Festival's last recital

October 1, 2014





Valeria Pizarro


The last show that the annual El Paso Chopin Festival hosts will be on Oct. 4 in the Chamizal National Memorial Theatre at 7 p.m. The final performer will be the founder and artistic director, Lucy Scarbrough.


“When I was a teenager, Chopin was my Justin Bieber,” Scarbrough said. “I played the piano because I had to, but when I heard Chopin’s music I changed forever.”


The El Paso Chopin Music Festival has been held locally for 20 years and was founded with the purpose of showcasing Chopin’s music.


“To this day, I still love his music and have respect for what he’s done.”


Scarbrough said that someone told her that only a handful of people would show up to the festival the first time she organized it, to which she replied with, “You want to bet?”

“I thought, ‘My God, now I better go out and make it happen.’


We made flyers and we put it on everybody’s doorstep and we even put it on cars,” Scarbrough said. “We had a full house.”


Scarbrough will be performing her selection of Chopin’ music and her own compositions. 


“My concert is going to be different, with my thought of trying to stress that Chopin’s music knows no barrier of nation or culture; it is loved throughout the world,” Scarbrough said. “Before my concert I have about six to eight people come and say in their own language a few words [about Chopin’s music].”


Scarbrough, a former El Paso Community College music professor, earned her piano degrees at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.


The show is free and open to the public. CDs of the performers will be sold at the theatre.



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