Banning things is simply absurd

October 1, 2014


A  Different Perspective





Jesús A. Rodríguez



We always hear about banned books, art, songs, movies, photos, video games, words, activities and many other things just because someone got offended by them. 


Let’s give it a rational thought. I don’t like a lot of things, as everybody does, but those things shouldn’t be banned to others just for that reason.


What I mean is this: Should stuff be prohibited by some law just because I don’t like it? No!

By the way, if you offend a religion, get prepared for some banning or even becoming a criminal.


What happened to those teachings about acceptance, forgiving and tolerance by those gods?

Everyone gets offended by something and that’s a good thing.


We live in a world where there are different ideas, people, opinions, etc. We are diverse. 


It’s great that people can speak up against things they don’t like.


That’s what freedom of speech is all about.


But I don’t think that stuff must be prohibited just because a group or a person hates it.


If you’re offended by a book, don’t read it.


If you’re offended by a song, don’t listen to the band. If you’re offended by an image, avoid seeing it.

It’s that simple.


Why is that such a hard task for everyone?

It would simply get out of control if everything was banned by the division of opinions.


Vegans get offended by a lot of things. Imagine if all animal products were banned. 


Some people protect trees.


Look around you, most likely you’re going to find a product made out of wood. You wouldn’t have any of those wood products, not even paper.


Others don’t like genetically modified food. Guess what? All food is genetically modified. Even the ones that are said to be completely “natural.”


I also can get easily offended. Everyone gets offended. I get offended by people that get offended. Let’s ban everyone!


This could go on and on, but see what I’m trying to say? 


It’s good that you speak up and make your points.


If you’re persistent and your idea makes sense, maybe people will stop doing whatever offends you.


Protecting yourself from being offended doesn’t need tyrannical government interference. 

And hey, I get offended by religion. I don’t like the bible, but it doesn’t mean I want it to be prohibited for everyone else; I just get offended by it. 


Guess what I do? I don’t read the bible. It didn’t require a law for me to feel better.


Benito Juárez, famous ex-president of Mexico once said, “Among individuals, as among nations, the respect for the rights of others is peace.”


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