One Direction charms Sun Bowl screaming fans

September 24, 2014

The guys of One Direction performing at the Sun Bowl where they sold the most tickets for any event breaking a new record.


Valeria Pizarro


With plenty of interaction with the crowd and a full house, One Direction delivered their Where We Are show at the Sun Bowl on Sept. 19.

I was on the 3rd row from the 2nd stage, so I felt close enough to them where I could appreciate them without being too close and overwhelmed.

Being there in front of artists with this level of world success is surreal.

From my point of view, the show was set up to make fans feel special and involved. There was lots of interaction with the crowd.

They waved and stopped the show to look at people’s poster signs and picked out the funnier ones; they sang happy birthday to a girl in the crowd and they would throw small items at the crowd.

It was a successful way to please the fans, which was proved by the varying volumes of fans screaming.

Sometimes it was hard to hear the actual group singing due to people in the crowd singing along and screaming.

Zayn Malik, however, did manage to stand out with his voice more than the other powerful voices of the group, Harry Styles and Liam Payne.

There were some evident out of tune moments they had, noticeable mostly in their harmonies. Additionally, one of the guys, Niall Horan, sang his part too loud in various occasions.

From analyzing the events, I would say that these mistakes can be easily fixed if they paid more attention to the singing as much as they focus on interacting with the crowd.

It felt like the setting was too large for them. Yes, there are five of them and they run and dance around the entire stage, but the large screens weren't utilized to their full potential, I thought.

Aside from the interfering screams, the sound was fine. It was just visually empty of them sometimes.

Stage lights and the plenty of fireworks and confetti cannons did do a lot for this problem, but they couldn’t be going off constantly.

There were technical misses when the cameramen did not focus on one of the guys correctly. It was noticeable and did frustrate some people since the screens are huge and it’s what people are looking at.

The lights also interfered a lot with the shots of them that appeared in the large screens, causing them to be overexposed and not viewable.

Basically, I felt it was very enjoyable visually to an extent because of the frequent lack of their faces that, in such a huge stadium, is needed along with the music.

If you know their music then it’s an enjoyable experience since you dance and sing along to it. If you’re a fan, they do meet your expectations.

It did feel a little rushed and short, so if you’re looking for a lengthy experience that you will enjoy, then you might be disappointed.

Overall, the atmosphere and happiness makes up for any misses during the show since the group and the crowd were mutually interacting and having a nice time.

I give One Direction’s Where We Are concert a 3.5 out of 5 stars for their successful visuals, generally strong performances of their catchy music and charismatic show.


Photos by Valeria Pizarro / Tejano Tribune
Fireworks go off from the stage during one of the songs in front 50,000 fans at the Sun Bowl.



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