Biology club collecting donations for pet shelter

September 24, 2014

George F. Stowe III / Tejano Tribune

Biology club vice president Kyle Patrick accepts donation from Miriam Aguilar for the annual Pet Guardian Angel food drive at room A2726 at the VV campus.


George F. Stowe III


It’s that time of year again when the EPCC Biology club will hold their annual donation drive for a local nonprofit animal shelter, Pet Guardian Angel, to offset their costs of operation. This charitable event is currently underway and will go on until Sept. 26.

Students and staff members are encouraged to donate not only to make a difference in the health and wellness of a homeless animal, but to become that supplemental support to a facility that truly lives up to its name.

“Pet Guardian Angel, is a local non-kill nonprofit animal shelter,” said Kyle Patrick, vice president of the biology club at EPCC Valle Verde campus.


“Unlike the pound, where the animals are only there for so long before they’re put down, at Pet Guardian Angel they don’t do that. They keep the animals there, until they’re adopted.”

The adoption of one, brings relief to the rest.

“When you adopt an animal, that money that you pay for the adoption doesn’t go to pay someone salary, but instead, it goes to the animals that you couldn’t adopt,” Patrick explains.


“Like when I adopted my own dog ‘Battle Buddy’ for $200, maybe $150 of it went to the other animals and the other $50 may have gone to the supplies and other things like that.”

Donations of time, talent and temperament are also appreciated.

“It’s a nonprofit organization that’s run out of someone’s house. It’s not like they get up and go to work in the morning, they actually live there; so any help of any kind goes right back to the animals,” Patrick explained.


“They don’t have the money to pay for veterinarians, so every service offered is on a voluntary basis. Veterinarians donate their extra time to perform various procedures on as many animals as they can.”

Participation of students can be academically and socially rewarding.

“Students want extra credit,” said Carlos C. Amaya, Biology Instructor. “When I allow students to earn extra credit, I always want it to be of some social cause.

“Whether it’s to help these animals or participate in a food drive for a local pantry, they’re going to get some points, but hopefully they feel good about helping someone else or something else less fortunate than they are.”

There is no such thing as too much donation or too little to donate.

“Bleach, gloves, new and used rags, blankets, pet toys and of course dog and cat food will be accepted,” said Patrick.


“Basically, all the things that Pet Guardian Angel is going to use; and the things that you would use on your own animal on a daily and weekly basis.”  

The quality enhancement program has deep roots in the biology club.

“One of the main purposes in the biology club is to dispel the myth that it’s just restricted to people from biology,” said Diego E. Reyes, Biology Instructor and club co-advisor.


“There are other faculty and students in different disciplines that are now joining the club and we have our networking members who came out of their shells to thank.”

“The biology club aligns itself with the mission of the college for the students,” Reyes added. “With activities such as visits to Children’s Hospital, Earth Day and the giving away of plants, hiking at the Franklin Mountains, cookouts and also taking part in other activities from the college.

“These are activities that are designed to enrich their lives and to get them outside of the classroom experience, and into a helpful integration into the community.”

A close connection has been kept over the years of partnership.

“We have coordinated with Pet Guardian Angel,” Patrick said.


“We do this every year, maybe even sometimes twice a year. They know that we are doing the drive for them, but they don’t know how much they’re going to get.

“They are probably expecting a couple of bags here or there; however my personal goal is to have two or three trucks full to donate to the shelter.”

For donations call 831-3394 or go by room A2726 at the VV campus.


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