Interpol's El Pintor is a canvas of melodies

September 23, 2014




Paola Martinez


Rock band Interpol released their fifth studio album El Pintor on Sept. 9 and it’s as good as I expected it to be.


El Pintor is the band’s first album since the departure of bassist Carlos Dengler, with Paul Banks taking over bass guitar for the first time.


The album’s title, which translates to “The Painter,” is the band's way of saying that they will continue to create art through their music even with the departure of Dengler and the underrated reviews from their past album.


One of the things that make Interpol different from other bands was the bass. Listening to the bass you could tell that Dengler really tried to do something different instead of just throwing some bass into the melody like we are used to in most of indie rock music.


Before listening to the album I was worried that the music would be different, in a bad way, without Dengler at bass.


After listening to All the Rage Back Home all my worries disappeared.


I just love the melodies in their songs and how good and energetic they make me feel despite their melancholic lyrics.


Banks’ voice sounds as beautiful as the first time I heard him. I love how the melody is energetic and loud and his voice deep and calm.


I think the band did well in this album without Dengler but for a lot of fans it didn’t.


Ancient Ways is a track of the album in which the lyrics say, “Screw the ancient ways.” Some fans are taking this song’s lyrics as it was against Dengler and saying that the ancient ways were better and shoul be back.


My Blue Supreme is one of the songs that I really liked from this album. This song for me represents the band’s identity, which involves a lot of mood and atmosphere.


With El Pintor, the band sticks to their moody signature songs, which I enjoy listening to, especially in the fall.


There are some songs like Twice as Hard, in which the band messes with the rhythm a little bit and makes it sound like something new from what I’m used to listen with Interpol.


Since it’s been four years since the band hasn’t released a new album, I think El Pintor has been looked as a come back album.


I think Interpol fans that really like the band signature style would really appreciate this album.


The album made me feel like they do enjoy being a band together which is something that the past album was missing.


I give it 5 out of 5 stars. 


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