An Unusual Angle on Illegal Immigration

September 17, 2014


A Different Perspective 


Jesus A. Rodriguez


Over the past few weeks, the debate of immigration has heated up in the U.S. because of the increase of undocumented and unaccompanied children crossing the border.


Everybody is arguing the same things that everyone has heard before, ignoring the root of the problem and the benefits of illegal immigration.


Much of the issue can be directly linked to the drug war.


Most illegals say that they left their country due to the violence caused by drug cartels, which would disappear if drugs were legalized.


You just need to read about Al Capone, who became incredibly rich when alcohol was banned by selling it illegally, just as drugs are being sold nowadays. He saw the repeal of prohibition as a great threat.


The resulting violence by drug cartels has had an impact on the lives of peo- ple from Mexico to Nicaragua and beyond.


The U.S. has the highest level of illegal drug use in the world, despite anti-drug laws.


That’s why a large portion of the drugs are trafficked in it.


These drugs are produced in the countries illegals are coming from. Technically, the American Government is contributing to the problem.


Illegal immigration brings benefits that are usually hard to see by the average American.


The country is filled with people arguing that they are taking all their precious tax money while not contributing to it.


It’s a fact that if you live here and buy things, you’re paying sales and property taxes.


It is estimated that illegal immigrants contribute $15 billion into social security and only use $1 billion of it.


Others say that they are taking the jobs from unemployed U.S. citizens, when it has been proven that they are taking jobs that Americans won’t do. It has been researched that farm owners that want to hire Americans are unable to do so because they’re not willing to do the job.


If they’re “taking our jobs,” then they’re getting paid and spending that money. There’s a consen- sus by economists saying that illegals increase the income of Americans.


Yes, illegal immigration it is an issue that has no easy solution, but isn’t the U.S. the land of oppor- tunity, equality and freedom?


Why isn’t the land of common sense? 

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