A new threat in the Middle East

September 17, 2014



Guest Column


Kevin Osborn



The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is an extremist group devoted to totalitarian rule under the Islamic nation.

Established in 2004, as a part of al-Qaeada, ISIS has swept through almost all of Iraq and Syria as an Islamic state.


They were originally a segment of the Jihadist group, Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad.

Why should we be worried about them as a threat? We hear constantly in the news about the beheadings that are taking place, but there is more to the brutality that is not being told.

Imagine waking up and going throughout your day with constant fear of losing your life, or worse, your family.


Now imagine being marched out into the desert, told to bite the person’s shirt in front of you and bow your head in humiliation.

Out of nowhere, a shot rings off in your ears as the person in front of you has just been executed, the rest of the survivors are now told to drop to the ground with your face being shoved in the dirt.

This is only one way followers of ISIS are treated for not praying properly. If they are willing to do something dreadful like this to their own people, imagine what they are willing to do to those that oppose them.

Some may say we should not bother since they are in the Middle East.

The goal of ISIS is to establish an Islamic State in which all power resides in Islamic leaders. With our past actions in the Middle East, we are viewed as a massive threat and as targets of destruction.

We should be aware of the possibility of them wishing to spread the Islamic State worldwide.

We need to take necessary action immediately before it is too late.

If you refuse to believe it will be too late, you should know that Judicial Watch has already issued a warning that there is a group of ISIS operating just across the border in Ciudad Juarez.

Don’t alarm yourselves just yet, necessary actions are taking affect to provide us with security. Accidents do happen and I think we should all be prepared just a bit in case of the worst scenario.

I could go into detail about the dangers ISIS is to us all, but some things are just too graphic for some people. Take precautions, stay alert, and most importantly, never give in to fear. We will not let them win.

Worldwide we have started to come together in hopes to combat the ISIS threat. We too should do our part in the fight as civilians.


If you see anything that could possibly be related to ISIS, take the necessary precautions to keep your loved ones safe. They are a threat that should not be tolerated or ignored.

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