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Notice of Scheduled Power Outage at VV on March 13-14

The electrical power serving the majority of Valle Verde Campus will be shut off during Spring Break, on Monday March 13, 2023 starting at approximately 8:00 am and not be restored until Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at approximately 5:00 pm.

This power outage will allow the Physical Plant to replace the hardware on the main wooden crossarm that feeds electrical power to the Valle Verde Campus.

Please refer to the attached drawing below for further clarification: all buildings that are highlighted in yellow will not have electrical power during this period.

The completion of this project will provide the Valle Verde Campus with a new power grid and will provide greater electrical reliability for the entire campus. These improvements will greatly reduce the chance of unplanned power outages.

This outage has been coordinated with Dean Pagel, EPCC IT and PD.

We ask that all faculty and staff power down their computers on Friday the 10th of March prior to leaving. In addition, since there will be no power in the buildings, PD will be locking all of the buildings. Please do not attempt to enter the buildings during this period.

Thank you for all of your cooperation. Spring Break was selected so that we would minimize the impact of this power outrage for student, faculty and staff.

Any questions regarding this scheduled outage can be addressed at 915-443-7327.

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